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Welcome To Rasmus Auctions

Born in 1981, Rasmus Online Auctions was founded to provide asset recovery and auction services to the business community. With the emergence of the digital revolution, Rasmus innovated an online-only solution combining the benefits of traditional liquidation techniques and the efficiency and affordability of online auctions. Today Rasmus is a market leader in internet-only event-based auctions honoring its legacy of innovation and continuing its heritage of high-quality service. Rasmus Auctions has the stuff you need at the price you set.


What We Sell

Today, Rasmus conducts internet-only sales both large and small throughout the United States.

The flexibility and reach of the internet is ideally suited for all types of equipment and inventories.

Rasmus sales include high-end designer furniture stores, diesel generators, party rental companies, IT switchgear, franchise restaurants, corporate headquarters, office furniture and business equipment, guard dogs and frozen fish inventory, to name a few.

The Un-Ebay

Unlike eBay or CraigsList, which sell a single item to a single buyer, is an event based liquidation site. Each event has a location, scheduled preview, closing and removal and sells many assets to many buyers.

We are a little bit traditional (with previews and pickups), a little bit eBay (online bidding), and something altogether different (event based, photo catalogs and credit card only payments).

Custom Auction Solutions

As specialists in the sale of commercial or personal property, our innovation, expertise and marketing skills consistently result in the highest possible return. Committed to our client’s satisfaction, we give the same care and attention when selling one item or an entire business. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and evaluate your assets at no charge.

Call us to discuss your orderly liquidation or specialty auction project at (703) 768-9000 or contact us on our contact page.

How do you qualify bidders? Expand

The registration provides us contact information necessary to qualify you as a bidder.

Why do you qualify bidders? Expand

The registration provides us contact information necessary to qualify you as a bidder.

Is there a fee? Expand

No, there is no fee to register; however, we do authorize your credit/debit card for $100.00 to assure you have a valid credit/debit card. The $100.00 authorization is similar to a hotel authorization. We never actually charge your account, we just check to make sure the money is there. The $100 authorization will expire in a day or so based on your bank’s hold time.

Do I need a credit card? Expand

Yes. Credit cards are required to register. They guarantee payment If you win an item.

What is an authorization? Expand

The $100.00 authorization is similar to a hotel authorization or hold. The authorization expires in a day or so based on your bank’s hold time. Authorizations are made per event. If you bid on seven separate events, not items, in one day your card will be authorized for $700.

I’m having trouble registering Expand

We are here to help. Click here to go to the contact us page to submit your questions. Or click support on the left to use the live chat feature. You can also call us at (703) 768-9000 during the hours of 7am – 6pm EST.

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Our Corporate Family

Acuity Appraisers

Commercial asset appraisers, providing expert testimony and valuations for the legal, business and banking community.

Auction Benefits, Inc

Benefit fundraising consultants which implement live and internet-only events for trade associations, foundations, non-profits and educational organizations.

Rasmus Asset Advisors

Providing liquidation and asset recovery consulting to fortune 1000, medium and small businesses nationwide.

Asset Bridge

Providing internet only liquidation solutions to corporate America.

OLS Trading, Inc.

Joint venture partner and national business liquidator for technology and office environment sales.

More To Come

Keep up-to-date on our expansion. Get our newsletter here… click here

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A Heritage of Innovation


Rasmus began “theater style” auction sales, eliminating the old-fashioned “walk-around” approach used by most auctioneers. Bidders previewed assets onsite, then were seated “theater style” in front of a televisions or screens. The theater approach allowed bidders to remain comfortable and confident in their bidding as first slides, then digital photos flashed across the screens.


Rasmus was amongst the first auctioneers to post events online for preview. This revolution provided buyers with detailed, advanced looks at sales items, dramatically improving buyer knowledge of sales assets.


Rasmus began posting auction catalogs online for interactive online bidding. Internet bidding was halted prior to the live auction and the resulting bids were used as opening or proxy bids by the auctioneer.


Rasmus conducted its first internet only auction. As before, every item was posted online, however, all bidding took place on the internet.


Rasmus determined that, with few exceptions, liquidation would be conducted by internet only auction. The access and flexibility the internet provides has resulted in Rasmus being able to conduct hundreds of events with greater participation for both sellers and buyers alike.


Rasmus rebrands and builds a better platform for future bidders and sellers.

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Meet the Team

Chris Rasmus

Chris Rasmus,


Favorite Stuff: Faith, Family, 7th Grade Sweetheart & Wife Sue, Freedom, Innovation & Generosity

Chris is a graduate of Virginia Tech, Member of the Virginia Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame, former Governor for the Auction Marketing Institute, VAA past President & Chairman, and an Instructor for the Certified Auctioneers Institute.

Susan Rasmus

Susan Rasmus,

Social Media Director

Favorite Stuff: Faith, Family, 7th grade Sweetheart/Husband Chris, My 3 Sons, Caring for Those in Need, New/Social Media, Traveling

Sue is a NAA, VAA & CAI Member, CEO of ABI, a Former RN, Pediatric RN Supervisor and Oncology Nurse, Specialist in Non-Profit Fundraising Development & Sought after National Seminar Speaker on Social Media.

Candy Sicilia

Candy Sicilia,


Favorite Stuff: Family, Cooking, Martinis, Huge TVs, Her Grandchildren

Candy grew up one of 6 children in rural MD. After working her whole life on a farm and having many different jobs she started working for her son Chris. She has been Rasmus’ trusted accountant for over 30 years. She enjoys traveling with her family and watching entire seasons of TV shows.

Marie Jarvis

Marie Jarvis,

Public Relations

Favorite Stuff: Family, Friends, Baking, Wine, Sunshine and Traveling

Marie graduated from Elon University with a degree in Professional Writing. She is involved with the National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and will be attending her 3rd year of CAI this spring. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Scott Wright

Scott Wright,

On-Site Sales Director

Favorite Stuff: Sailing the Caribbean with his Wife, Cooking, Good Wine

Scott has been with Rasmus since 1990. He is a graduate of CAI, a member of the Virginia Auctioneers Association and a member of the NAA. Scott loves this industry and thrives when helping his clients turn assets back into cash. He enjoys motorcycles, football & poker with his friends.

Kathleen Rodimak

Kathleen Rodimak,

Customer Relations

Favorite Stuff: Sailing the Caribbean with his Wife, Cooking, Good Wine

Scott has been with Rasmus since 1990. He is a graduate of CAI, a member of the Virginia Auctioneers Association and a member of the NAA. Scott loves this industry and thrives when helping his clients turn assets back into cash. He enjoys motorcycles, football & poker with his friends.

Abby Fitzgerald

Abby Fitzgerald,

Cloud Production

Favorite Stuff: Running, Her Family, Cooking From the Garden

Abby has been with Rasmus for almost 10 years and enjoys the flexibility of working from home to be with her children. Abby is detail oriented and likes preparing auctions to go live for bidding. Her hobbies include cooking, movies, and her 4 Pembroke Corgis.

Trisha Rasmus

Trisha Rasmus,

Lead Administrator

Favorite Stuff: Family, Cooking, Her Two Children & Her Spunky Shih Tzu

Trisha started working for the family business with her mom in an office furniture store. Later, both joined Rasmus in the live auction days and have been around ever since. With the ability to be active in school activities and still work she was honored for her service by the Diocese of Arlington.

Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald,

VIP Moving Services

Favorite Stuff: Family, BBQ, Hunting, and Woodworking

Tom joined Rasmus 10 years ago after a long career in the automotive service industry. He heads up the VIP Moving Service with Rasmus. He enjoys helping customers. His hobbies include making BBQ, working with his dad in the sawmill, and spending time with family.

Patrick Rasmus

Patrick Rasmus

On-Site Coordinator

Favorite Stuff: Traveling, Family, and my Brew Kettle.

Patrick is a Graduate of East Carolina University GO PIRATES!!! His hobbies include discovering new and exciting technologies and brewing his own beer to share with family and friends.

Erik Rasmus

Erik Rasmus,

On-Site Coordinator

Favorite Stuff: Live music, Krav Maga, Customer Relations, Drums

In 1991, Erik was in the newspaper for being the youngest baby ever to attend a live auction. As of May 2014, he graduated from East Carolina University with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. He is attending CAI I in the spring.

Crystal Krauss

Crystal Krauss,

Cloud Production

Favorite Stuff: Her two little girls, Neurotic Yorkie, Family, and Traveling

Crystal graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Merchandising Management. She then got her masters in Marketing and Special Education. Crystal previously worked as a contractor for the govt and pre-school teacher, but her love for planning landed her the job of Administrative Scheduler at Rasmus.

Barry Spencer

Barry Spencer,

On-Site Coordinator

Favorite Stuff: Staying Healthy and Being on the Move, and His Daughter

Barry is one of the most tenured employees at Rasmus. He has worked for Rasmus for the past 20 years in addition to getting his Real Estate license in MD, DC & VA as well as being a Certified Personal Trainer. You can always see Barry on the move at work never standing still and spending time with his daughter.

Stephanie Barnard

Stephanie Barnard,

Video Spokes Model

Favorite Stuff: Family, Google Products, Chick Flicks and Traveling

Stephanie graduated with a Degree in Broadcast Journalism. She has been the Rasmus Spokesmodel and Online Video Manager for over 7 years and enjoys learning the latest trends on the Internet. When she’s not in front of a camera or on the computer, Stephanie enjoys watching her son play hockey or her girls dancing.

Racheal Rodimak

Racheal Rodimak,

Tech Support

Favorite Stuff: Xbox, writing, coding, all the fun things

Racheal is the newest & youngest member of the Rasmus team. She is the tech support and helps with all the tech needs, between applying for college and all her busy work. She aspires to one day to be in a computer science field and take over Candy’s job as Rasmus’ accountant.

Ray Huttner

Ray Huttner,

On-Site Coordinator

Favorite Stuff: Sweets, Family, Football

Ray is one of the newer members of the Rasmus on-site team. Ray has a background in and enjoys spending time with his family and going to Redskins games.

Jay Jarvis

Jay Jarvis,

Accounting Assistant

Favorite Stuff: Fishing, Art, Family

Jay graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in Graphic Design. He has recently been working for Rasmus from the road while on a cross country road trip. He enjoys fishing with his buddies, hunting, and building.

Ron Rodimak

Ron Rodimak,

On-Site Coordinator

Favorite Stuff: Fishing, Lounging by the Pool, Family

Ron is a notoriously hard worker and is known for his dedication to seeing projects through. He is a carpenter by trade and loves building, keeping busy and the great outdoors.

Kiki Bussey

Kiki Bussey,

Social Media Assistant

Favorite Stuff: Family, Baking, Kids and Grandkids, Being Outside, Reading

Kiki previously worked in a large corporation setting with IBM as an administrative assistant and is now happily working on Rasmus’ social media team. She enjoys doing research to find new tools and solving problems and loves working from home. Kiki Loves the auction business and all of the variety of working with Rasmus.

Tommy Casey

Tommy Casey,

On-site Coordinator

Favorite Stuff: Enjoying time with Family, Playing/Coaching Ice Hockey, learning about new technologies.

Tommy is currently working his way towards a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He enjoys logistical puzzles, making things work, and helping those around him.


Michelle Jarvis,

Data Science

Favorite Stuff: Family, Going to the Beach, Fishing, Running, Her dog Beau

Michelle graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in Middle School Education. She then got her masters in Learning and Technology. Michelle previously taught middle school math for 6 years before joining Rasmus.

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